I’m just enjoying the Otaku Life.

My blog is dedicated for anime, manga, and video games. I’ll post videos, news, reviews, recommendations and so on.

If you like my reviews that will make my day. But if you don’t like them; then it’s OK coz they’re just my personal opinion. So, just express yourself. I’ll be really happy to read whatever you have to say when you express your own opinions and discuss them with you.

But I really hope you will enjoy my blog and have fun with me.




  1. Matthew

    Hello, I like reading your blog. What’s the purpose of a donate button, I don’t understand the concept of using one in a blog? If you can, I would be appreciated.



    1. taigareview

      well, if someone likes my blog and wants it to keep going then they can donate as little as 1$ .. I will appreciate it and it will keep my blog open because I actually bought the name of my blog. I am working on this blog alone that is why I don’t make as many posts as I want 😦

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