Did you miss me? weeellll wipe your tears darlings coz your favorite gal on the “blog” is BACK… hahaha 😀


Alright, i’m sure a lot of anime lovers out there have a crush on a certain anime character.

Aaaaand, since it’s Valentines Day; let’s talk about love. It doesn’t matter whither you’re a boy or a girl; what matters is sharing your feelings with fellow anime lovers like myself. hahaha.

So boys, who is your anime girl crush? well, you don’t have to be a boy to like a girl 🙂 soooo girls; you should share your anime girl crushes too 😉

Of course this goes both ways… so girls and boys share your anime boy crushes as well.

All you have to do is write the name and anime of your crush, add a pic if you like ^^

I’ll start… personally I have a lot of crushes; boys and girls.. but I will only mention my biggest crush.

Well, let’s start with the girl.. she’s my biggest crush, she is the character that made me realize how amazing the world of anime is… I still remember the first time she appeared in that anime.. I was like… WOW ❤


Rei Asaka AKA Saint-Juste Sama and she’s from my most favorite anime Oniisama e… This anime is based on the manga with the same name which was written by none other than the great Mangaka Ikeda Riyoko who gave us Rose of Versailles. Rei is the most complex yet simplest character I have ever seen in the world of anime. All she yearns for is love. And guess what… It’s impossible not to love her and I mean IMPOSSIBLE.

I mean look at me.. I love her so much that I used the word “yearn” which i hate 😀

I promise you Rei.. I will write a review about this anime one day… one day when I remember it without crying…



Ok, now I’ll tell you about my anime boy crush.

He is a funny badass who also makes me laugh no matter what.. and I cry if he ever cried or felt sad.. Yes.. I just love him and love loving him. hahaha.



Yup, it’s none other than the most amazing Pirate.. Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece

Who can hate this guy !!!? really, who !!? no seriously tell me who hates him so I can write their names in my Death Note evil011



Well, these are my top anime girl and boy crushes. What about you !!?

Now it’s your turn, share your anime crushes with me.


        1. taigareview

          Yeah, but there are shinigami he doesn’t give enough attention either like Rukia and Rangiko .. I mean Rangiko is a good character but he brings her up as if she’s gonna make any difference just to bring her down in seconds. It’s annoying really. Also, I’ll never forget what he did with Unohana… She didn’t need to die… I thought her death had a meaning to make Zaraki stronger and brings out his full potential but unfortunately his “full potential” is stupid and nothing. She literally let him kill her several times and brought herself back to life to keep fighting and make him stronger but in the end it was allllll for nothing as we can see his fighting style is still the same and her sacrifice was unnecessary coz it didn’t really change him for the better.

          Liked by 1 person


          1. Matthew

            I noticed that too in the manga. He does this to make the characters special and different and once he finishes it, he moves on to the next character. Rangiku is a good character but she gets overlooked. I remember you mentioned about Unohana. It’s also your profile picture too. I still can’t believe he did that. So far the main focus is usually Ichigo.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. taigareview

            Well I understand that his focus is on the main character but I’m afraid he’s falling for a certain rhythm and an annoying one if I may add. I mean I don’t know if you noticed this or not but a fight starts then an enemy seems that he’s gonna finally be defeated but the “surprise” he transforms to become stronger then more shinigami come and try to work together and when that enemy is about to be defeated “surprise surprise” AGAIN he transforms to another stronger version of himself and that goes with almost every enemy in this current arc. It’s really annoying… Just get it over with.

            Liked by 1 person

          3. Matthew

            I noticed that too. As a matter fact, many fans are complaining about this too. I am a fan of Bleach but I can’t help to notice the “surprises”. It can get repetitive.


          4. taigareview

            I heard that this is the final arc in the manga and I think he’s thinking too much about it which is affecting the manga negatively. Just go back to your old style and get it over with don’t extend it and string us along over a ridiculously repetitive events. I am no longer surprised when a character “transforms” it’s getting annoying.. And don’t get me started on Hitsugaya’s bankai which defies everything we knew about it since the start of the story.

            Liked by 1 person

          5. Matthew

            Yeah he said that this the final arc. Right now, he is doing a lot of changes on the characters. Like you mentioned, there is new transformations and new Bankai. I think he’s also trying to show us everything before the story ends. He’s throwing in anything he thinks we want.

            Liked by 1 person

          6. taigareview

            Fan service is the killer of any good anime or manga or any show generally. You have to get it done your way and the way you intended to end it and stop thinking about it too much.

            Liked by 1 person

          7. Matthew

            Yeah, author’s or anime creators need to carefully use that fan service to give fans what they want. I am not sure what chapter you are currently reading on Bleach but apparently Kubo been dishing out every single surprise and trick on the characters.

            Liked by 1 person

          8. taigareview

            I didn’t read the last 5-6 chapters. But seriously he’s being too desperate the way I see it; he wants to finish it with a bang and I hope that “bang” doesn’t blow up in his face but actually be a good damn bang hahaha.

            Liked by 1 person

          9. Matthew

            Haha yeah hopefully he doesn’t just give us one that will hurt him too. I know he wants to finish the story but I think he’s also trying to squeeze in everything before he finishes it. I think he’s trying to close loose ends.



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