I Disappeared…. But now I’m back!! How !? 
Well, relax guys. I’m not gonna tell you that I have been sucked into a portal that took me to a parallel universe, or that I have been kidnapped by aliens and sent back to earth as an experiment or any other excuse. 

The truth is, my best friend was diagnosed with cancer and I’m trying to support her and stay by her side through her struggle as much as possible while working a full time job. I hope you will pray for her recovery. 

I made this post to apologize to you all for not being around more and for not posting as much as I used to.  You see; this blog has only one member and its me so when I stop the whole thing stops. 

I like to thank everyone who nominated this blog for different awards. I appreciate everyone’s support and I hope that you will keep supporting me.

This is not the end. I promise you that I will write again because I’m not a quitter. I will keep blogging. 

When I started this blog I wrote that I started it to connect to others who like the same things I do and express my opinions. I will try to find the time to keep doing that and I hope you will enjoy my posts. 

It was my friend’s idea for me to write this post and explain why I wasn’t around as much as I wanted to. She’s not an anime lover but she’s really sweet and caring. Please pray for her. 

Thank you. 



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