First Edition Tickets for the BL anime film will go on sale on July 6.


It has been announced by the official website of Doukyuusei that the adaptation of the BL manga by mangaka Asumiko Nakamura is set to be released to theatres early Spring of 2016 and that Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo is one of the scheduled theaters to show the film upon its release.

It was also announced that advance tickets first edition will be on sale at Animate Hall Shinjuku on July 6 which is actually the birthdate of one of the protagonists Hikaru Kusakabe while the second edition is expected to be out on October 28 as it’s the other protagonist’s Rihito Sajou birthdate.The first edition tickets will be illustrated by the anime character designer Akemi Hayashi along with an original birthday card for Hikaru.

Cast of the Main Characters:

1- Hikaru Kusakabe (by: Kamiya Hiroshi)


2- Rihito Sajou (by: Nojima Kenji)


This love story follows the relationship of two highschool classmates; an honor student (Rihito Sajou) and another student who plays in a rock band (Hikaru Kusakabe). The film is being produced by A-1 Pictures and Half H.P Studio and it will be directed by Shouko Nakamura.

I’m sure the BL manga fans will be happy about this news ^^


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