The official website of the comedy countryside based anime Non Non Biyori confirmed the air date for its second season which is entitled “Non Non Biyori Repeat”.


Surely, anyone who watched the first season of this sweet, cute, and funny anime have missed those girls who live a simple life out in the countryside where even school life is not like anything they have ever seen in any anime before. Well rejoice my friends because the second season “Non Non Biyori Repeat” will be airing soon on July 6, 2015.

Non Non Biyori is about an elementary student Hotarou Ichijou who moves with her family to the country and tries to get used to life out there. In school she will meet her 4 classmates who happen to be either older or younger than her but somehow they all share the same classroom and even the teacher.

The second season will continue to portray their daily lives and their interactions with each other and with other characters along the way while keeping the simple yet funny atmosphere surrounding them.

The Main Character Cast are:

1- Renge “Ren-chon” Miyauchi: Koiwai Kotori


2- Hotaru “Hotarun” Ichijou: Murakawa Rie


3- Natsumi “Nattsun, Nacchan” Koshigaya: Sakura Ayane


4- Komari “Koma-chan” Koshigaya: Asumi Kana


This anime is light, simple, cute, and funny.

I enjoyed the first season and if the second is anything like the first them I’m sure I’ll enjoy it as well, so I recommend it to you all.

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