Have you ever taken your family for granted? Even for a second?

In a little over 6 minutes; this short anime movie unfolded the ugly truth about humans’ faulty priorities and how the once beautiful strong bonds can with time be both broken and mended.


It’s a terrible thing to do; to take those who love you the most for granted and not cherish them.

You might think that it’s OK, and they’re not going anywhere but one day you might regret not spending more time with those who love you more than anyone.

The story is set in the near future.

Starting off with a young woman (Okamura Aya) standing in a train, she seems tired and irritated; doesn’t even want to look at those around her.. she just wants to go home.


When she reaches the tiny apartment where she lives, she receives a call from her father; who wishes to have dinner with her. But she brushed him off saying she’s busy with work.

She had a terrible day at work and doesn’t wish to be bothered and see anyone not even her father. She was scolded by her boss and that ruined her whole day. She just wanted to go home and relax.

Well, she’s not a little girl anymore; she can’t run to her daddy to help her… she has to to take care of herself and cope with the hardships of the real world.



someones gaze japanese animated film

On the other hand, her father -who felt a bit lonely- was just hoping to spend some time with his daughter to brighten his day as he also had a bad one.

It is sad that he couldn’t bring himself to say “I missed you !”. There’s a gap between those who were once very close.


Then, the story of this family starts to unfold in a very beautiful way.

Aa-chan“, the little girl who laughed happily and had a big smile whenever she was around her parents; always holding their hands smiling her big smile and playing around… the same girl who is so distant right now.



Her mother is a working woman and her work makes her travel a lot, so she’s not always around.

Most of the time it’s only Aa-chan and her dad.

When she were little as her mother is leaving for the first time for work… she thought to herself “I should make dad happy and be there for him.” and he thought the same for his little girl.

He could see that she is getting lonely whenever her mother travels and he also has to work. So, he brought her a little kitten “Mii-san” to raise and play with.. that girl was sweet, happy and full of energy.




As time passes by; she started to grow into her teenage years.. middle school.. high school, then college and moving out of her parents’ place; becoming the young working woman she is today.

Of course, the passing time have shown on her father; turning his hair gray and his posture smaller.

She became more distant from her father; forgetting all the things they’ve been through. There’s even a sense of awkwardness between them. They grew apart with time, living together but hardly communicating!!

The distance made her father a little lonely.

Time wasn’t kind to Mii-san either; their little kitten who her father kept after Aya moved out.





Then, one day.. her father calls her to give her some terrible news; Mii-san passed away. She’s gotten too old.

Will they ever remember the promises they made? They didn’t promise each other… no, they promised themselves to be there for each other. But time and life made them forget.

She goes back to her childhood home to mourn the loss of Mii-san with her lonely dad.

With that grim atmosphere of losing someone they loved. They both set in silence.

What happened? Where did the time go?

None of them dares to ask!!

[Commie] Dareka no Manazashi [1080p] [E9ED99BE].mkv_snapshot_04.15_[2013.09.12_08.35.54]

The death of Mii-san seemed to remind them of how they were and all the things they’ve been through as a family.

It’s as if it brought them closer even if it’s just a little bit.

One day, she goes back to her dad’s home to visit him; that’s when she meets a new guest.. a new little kitten that her father brought home. At the same day her mother comes home from an overseas work obligation…..

And life goes on.


They grow older.. each with his/her own life. They may not live together but they are a family; a happy family that when the time comes… they will be there for each other and they will stand together as any normal family does.


Family, it’s a beautiful thing. But not everyone appreciate it while they have it.

This anime says it all.. family, relationships, life,,,, everything.. it says everything within less than 10 minutes.

The story was beautiful, the seiyuu were great, the animation and art were really good, and finally the ending song was absolutely gorgeous.

My Otaku Reviews rating for this movie is: 10/10

I hope you will give this anime a chance, it’s really beautiful and takes no time whatsoever.


Life is too short.. it really is. So, don’t waste your precious time and appreciate the ones you love.. because if they go away; you may never see them again.

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