Over half a decade ago; DreamWorks Studios have acquired the rights to make a movie adaptation for Ghost in the Shell. Of course as any anime fan knows; Ghost in the Shell is one of the best Japanese anime movies out there. Therefore, this adaptation was long awaited for.

When DreamWorks announced that the lead role for the character of Major Kusanagi Motoko have gone to the “Caucasian” actress Scarlett Johansson; everyone went crazy on the internet.

Fans even started up a petition to take Scarlett Johansson off the role and put in an “Asian” Actress. Notice that they demand an Asian actress and NOT a Japanese actress specifically; which in my opinion defeats the point.

They say; how can you make a “white” actress play a role with the name of Kusanagi Motoko? I’m sorry but it’s the same thing when you bring a Korean or Chinese actress and give her that name. I mean Chinese or Korean is not the same thing as Japanese and vice versa. And if it’s really about the name then they can just change it; it’s that simple.

Hey, I’m not white but I also am not Asian. And, I do believe that Scarlett Johansson is a great fit for the role of the Major. I mean we’ve all seen her in the Avengers and Captain America as Black Widow. Not to mention; her great performance in the Sci-Fi movie Lucy.

In the end, when a company pays big money for movies they want big financial gain. So, when they choose the actors for such movies it’s all about the talent and the ability to draw fans globally. And lets face it; Scalett Johansson has both.

I wasn’t really going to watch the Hollywood movie coz I already watched the anime movies. But, when I heard that ScarJo is taking the lead role; I was so happy and decided to watch it coz she’s a great actress. I don’t think I’ll want to watch it if it’s someone else on the lead.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe movies are for entertainment and joy; not for racial stands and arguments.

What do you guys think??

    1. taigareview

      I think it will be interesting too.. but I was surprised about the racial war that was provoked by the casting decision. I mean as a fan; all I care about is that they choose talented actors to portray the story on the highest level possible XD

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      1. LitaKino

        Sorry for my late reply 🙂 I didn’t even know there was a racial war you know how the world is these days lol

        I’m glad they picked scarlet ❤

        Hello there 🙂
        Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster award for bloggers who deserve more recognition and who I love following 🙂 If you decide to respond to my questions please let me know its all in the name of fun





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