Well, it’s about time… OK let’s do this XD

The following list will contain only anime that started and finished on 2014.

It is based on what I watched so there might be better anime that I haven’t watched.

Therefore, please feel free to criticize this list. I would love to hear your recommendations. I mean I’m always looking forward to watching more anime hahahaha.

5- Noragami

This anime is one of the best anime out there, and not only for 2014 but in general. So, if you guys missed it or thought “meh, I’ll watch it whenever.” Then guess what.. “whenever” is NOW. coz it’s a really good anime.

The characters are great, the OSTs ore really nice, the graphics and art are wonderful, and the story is really really good.

It’s funny and interesting and really enjoyable to watch. I watched it all in one day. It’s THAT fun (^.^)y

4- Yami Shibai 2nd Season

Yami Shibai (AKA Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories second season or Theater of Darkness 2nd Season).

Just like the first season, it tells us good ghost stories in 4 – 5 minutes per episode. And these stories are really good.

so, if you are a fan of scary ghost stories and you have just a little time then watch it. It’s G rated and it has some good stories and the art is really creepy. I loved it.

3- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

This is one funny anime. So, take this.. it’s a shounen anime that is about a guy who writes Shoujo manga.

Now, tell me this isn’t funny!!

OK, everything about this anime is great. Let’s start with the characters..

every and each character is unique and have their own funny little twists that cannot be overlooked even if you tried.

By the end of the anime you will be hooked to it wanting more.

It’s so light, funny and really fun to watch. You will never stop watching. I promise you guys this anime is one of the very best anime out there and I really hope they’ll make a second season for it.

2- Barakamon

I don’t think there are any anime fans who haven’t watched this one yet.

I really enjoyed it a lot, everything about it simple and easy to understand and enjoy.

The characters have beautiful connections and funny secrets sometimes.

This anime has the cutest Lolis out there and no one can deny that; Naru and her weird friend Hina are the most adorable characters in 2014. I’m sure everyone agrees.

What about Tamako the closeted “Fujoshi” aaaahhhh she’s so funny and I can never get enough of her, she’s hilarious.

Really, this is a great anime and if you didn’t watch it yet then it’s about time to do it.

1- Tokyo Ghoul

Are you surprised? of course not. coz it is definitely the best anime of 2014. I’m sure you were as disappointed as I am when the anime finished; just as I am sure that you are as excited about the release of √A.

This anime has it all, and I mean ALL. It has the great story line, the great and uniquely twisted characters, the great OSTs, the great animation, and last but not least the great art and graphics.

This anime has all the elements that made it the huge success that it is.

It deserves to be named The Best Anime of 2014.

To all of you out there who still haven’t watched it yet; Oh God you are missing out big time.

This is MY OTAKU REVIEWS list for best anime of 2014.

if you guys think that there are better anime that I should have included or that there are any anime that don’t deserve to be in this list then please do express your opinion and tell me all about it.

Finally, I hope you will give this list a chance and watch all the anime in it coz they’re all really good anime.

  1. lehzalee

    Hello! I definitely agree with you that all of them are one of the best few anime in 2014! Except Yami Shibai because I have yet to watch it xD Hmm in my opinion, I would have included Haikyuu!! for its well-done character development; and No Game No Life for its mindblowing aspect. Gekkan Shoujo made me rofl but I wouldnt deem it as My Top 5 :3 haha nice post btw!!



    1. taigareview

      hey there ^^
      U know what.. I totally forgot about Haikyuu x3
      I actually loved it so much and I was jumping with joy when I found out about the 2nd season for this year XD
      so, I agree. It should’ve been on the Top 5, maybe equal to Noragami.
      however, I didn’t watch No Game No Life .. so I can’t really say anything about it.

      U should watch Yami Shibai .. it’s creepy and short..

      what’s your top 5 anime for 2015?

      Liked by 1 person


      1. lehzalee

        Hmm maybe I’ll watch it then ^^

        My Top 5 for 2015 are:
        1) Death Parade
        2) Assassination Classroom
        3) Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season
        4) Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
        5) Kuroko no Basuke 3rd Season

        Well Spring Summer and Fall 2015 have yet to come out, so these are just my current Top 5 for the Winter Season. To be fair, there’s not much competition imo HAHA bc Death Parade ftw :3

        Liked by 1 person


      2. taigareview

        I totally agree with you.
        except for (3) coz I hate mecha ..
        so my top 5 are:
        1- Death Parade
        2- Tokyo Ghoul √A
        3- Assassination Classroom
        4- Shigatsu & Kamisama kiss 2
        5- Kuroko

        and I’m sure that this list will change by the end of the year hahaha XD




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