Okaaay (>.<)y

I’m a girl who obviously LOVES Japanese anime, manga, video games…etc. you know, everything a full fledged otaku loves.

So, I decided to dedicate a whole blog about it. News, Reviews, Videos, Images… etc. 

you don’t have to be an otaku to like my stuff, all you have to do is like anime.. and maybe just maybe you will like some of my posts.

But really, you might not like my reviews. I just want you to know that it’s ok coz they’re just my opinion really. So, feel free to disagree and express it however you like.

That’s it .. that’s all I have to say.

Hope you will enjoy my blog though

    1. taigareview

      Yeah, I wanted to do more reviews than news, video games and recommendations but unfortunately I can’t seem to have the time coz I work full-time. I’m trying to post more though.. coz I’m not satisfied with the amount of my posts. It’s been almost 6 months and I posted less than 40 posts.
      I work on this blog alone, I love it and I don’t wanna give it up.

      My friends told me to quit coz I don’t have many followers (less than 35) and she thinks i’m wasting my time… but hey, I’m happy that there are any followers at all hahaha. Also, I do this coz I like it not to just gain followers.

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      1. Matthew

        As long as you enjoy writing, that’s what matters. You enjoy doing what you love. For my blog, it doesn’t matter if I get followers. I just like to talk about what I enjoy.

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          1. Matthew

            That is really cool. I did thus blog to just to about my interests, that’s all. I like your profile picture, if my memory is right that Retsu Unohara from Bleach.

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          2. taigareview

            Totally, I understand that her death was necessary for Zaraki’s development but I still feel that killing her off is too much specially that they are now in a desperate situation and can use someone with her strength. Even for the fourth division, there isn’t anyone who can fill that position. And as for her gentle smile aaaah I miss that too T^T

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          3. Matthew

            I totally agree with you. So far the Quincies have the upper hand and yes I also it was necessary for her to die to help Kenpachi but even with his new powers he was almost killed by those 4 female Stern Ritters.

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          4. taigareview

            Exactly, I thought Zaraki will be much stronger since Retsu sacrificed herself to release his true strength. I was a bit disappointed with what he showed. Zaraki is my most favorite character in Bleach, that’s why I had bigger expectations for him.

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          5. taigareview

            Hahaha yeah that’s gonna happen eventually. Since this is the final arc, Kubo’s creating quite the build up for the final battle. I can’t wait to see how Ichigo will magically defeat Yhwach.

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          6. Matthew

            I have 2 hypothesis on what will the final showdown will be like:
            1. It will probably be like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood where everybody fights Yhwach. Or
            2. It will be like Naruto, where only Ichigo and Uryu can defeat him.
            Either way, I can’t wait to see how will Bleach ends.

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          7. taigareview

            I definitely agree with you. TBH, I think the first is more logical considering Yhwach’s crazy power. However, the second is good as well.. specially that we don’t know much about Uryu’s current power.

            Either one is much better than Ichigo defeating Yhwach by himself. Hahaha.

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